ID yourself

For the first time ever, there was an ID control on the Thalys travelling from Brussels to Paris. As I am not registered in Germany any longer, I can’t have my German ID card extended neither get a new one. All I got is the German passport and my Belgian ID.

Only, as I kind of knew and got lectured about by the Belgian police in the train, this Belgian ID is not more than a residency card for non Belgians. It is not a valid ID proof outside of Belgium.Or so I have been told.

What I don’t understand is why I got on a plane with this card three times this year: to Vienna, to Ljubljana, to Berlin and back. Honestly, I did not even have my passport with me these three times. And what is the point of the Schengen zone and me being fully registered in Belgian, paying taxes and all the etcs included, if I can’t even travel with the only official document I got?



2 responses to “ID yourself

  1. Hmm…that’s an interesting one. I always thougth you could get your German ID card renewed at German embassies abroad, just as you can get your passport renewed. If not, this can leave you in quite a predicament. As you do not need to have a passport at all to travel in the Schengen zone, you could be without ANY means of identification abroad. This cannot be right, can it? *looking puzzled*

    • My guess is that if you don’t have other means of identification than your passport – you have to use it. Like the Brits. My problem is that my ‘host’ country is providing me with an ID that’s not valid for travelling in the Schengen zone. Why do they do this then in the first place?? And why do I get on a plane with the d&$* thing but get told of on a train?? *equally puzzled*

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