Word of mouth


Ok, Ok, I am someone with a rather sensible stomach. Not food but emotion wise. Stress, anger but also joy will get on my stomach. This, and a pretty big fight made me discover the deeper meaning of the German saying “jemand kotzt mich an” roughly translated by ‘someone is throwing up on me’. Though it is actually the other way round.

For the first time in my life, I got so angry at someone that I really felt the urge of throwing up. Preferable on this person’s shoes…



8 responses to “Word of mouth

  1. Ouch. I hope this incident was not job-related?

  2. Looks like a change of employer is in the offing…

    Incidentally, I am flying to Brussels tomorrow. I would have loved to meet up, but it is one of these horrible things commonly known as “business trips”. Flying in in the morning, giving a presentation in the afternoon, having business dinner in the evening, another workshop in the morning, flying out in the afternoon. Not a chance to stay on for te weekend 😩

  3. …or even *the* weekend.

  4. It seems like fate is having fun: I’m flying to Berlin tomorrow and stay with my parents over the weekend.
    Make sure your presentation is great so that whatever organisation invited you to give it, is having you coming back. AND then, you stay the weekend 🙂

  5. I like the idea in principle…BUT – the organisation inviting me is based in the UK and this was their annual congress for European members. It travels every year – London, Vienna, Brussels,…not sure how soon they will be back in the Belgian capital.

    Given that it was a business trip, it was really rather pleasant. Nice hotel, good food in a nice, cosy restaurant, friendly people and a lovely midnight walk back to the hotel in sub-zero temperatures through the cobbled part of Brussels with the odd snow-flake here and there. All very Christmassy.

    I hope you had a good time back home, too.

    • Christmassy – I like this word 🙂 That’s the same feeling I had in Berlin and back home too: good German Glühwein, snow, cold, warm insight… beautiful!

      Now that you had a taster of Brussels, you have to come back, so that I can show you more of it. How does that sound?

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