Black holes on the move

It’s this type of people having being a negative attitude – constantly complaining about everything in life: the job, the city, public transport, the last film they watched, whatever. They have no interests, no passions, no ideas but one goal in life: not to do anything to change whatsoever about it.

The problem with those people – besides the fact that they are utterly annoying – is that they suck up whatever positive energy might be around. Obviously, it doesn’t cheer them up; only leaving those who were in a good mood frustrated and whiningly behind.

Morose as they are, they become an even more serious threat when you are already in a bad mood. The urge to hurt someone increases rapidly while (being forced to) listening to them. I’m not sure if there ever was a sun where these moving black holes are now. In any case, you are now warned to stay AWAY.


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