Navigating on the highway of life

Actually, it’s not an highway at all but more a labyrinth full of dead-ends, one way streets, fast tracks, and accidents. Depending on whether you turn left, right, or go straight ahead at a certain moment, you might end up in a totally different area. Sometimes, you’ll have the chance to come back at the point of departure and choose a different direction. But even then you’ve lost time.

When I had to take decisions in the past, I absolutely did not care about anything like this. And it is still difficult, considering that I don’t know my destination. The best GPS in the world won’t help if you haven’t figured out that part.

However, a couple of decisions that I have to take in the next few months will determine to a great deal where my way will lead. It’s scary and it makes me hesitant: What if I take the wrong exit? What if I can’t turn around?  What if I waste time and money? What if…


2 responses to “Navigating on the highway of life

  1. *nodding* (In Vienna again, btw – one of those turns. Not the only one.)

    • I sometimes have the feeling that the turns taken randomly – “oh, let’s see where that takes me” – have at least as much importance as the ones long and scrupulously planned…

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