Toefl test for English natives

For the first time in my life, I have to proof my English sufficiency. I had to do French once but that was before I went to France. The test results made me believe that I was actually prepared for the experience of studying in another language. Reality turned out to be slightly different.

Having worked in English in the past four years, I expected taking the Toefl test would be rather easy. What I did not expect though was to be bored to death! While the texts vary between mildly interesting and challenging – bio-chemical vocabulary anybody? – the listening exercises seem to be from another universe the 1980’s. Now, while I do not ask to cancel Toefl tests for non natives across the board; I think that native English should have to suffer the something equally tedious.

Ca serait la moindre des choses.


2 responses to “Toefl test for English natives

  1. Hello. I found this blog post under Possibly related posts of my blog post (sorry, i don’t how to use HTML attributes).
    I never taking TOEFL test either although I realized I’ll need it if want to take a scholarship to a foreign university.
    I always thought native speaker would handle TOEFL easily. It’s nice to hear that you experience the same problem also 🙂

  2. Thanks for commenting! I read your post. Actually, I’m not an English native either but have worked in English in the past 4 years.

    My point about the TOEFL test is that it is boring, far from reality and impractical. Your blog is a much better way to improve your English than learning for this test would ever be.

    What annoys me is that for non-native English speakers, there is often no other way to prove your language skills than to do the damn test. It seems unfair AND tedious…

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