Basel seems to be a nice city; as much as I can judge with the little of time and  creepy weather I had. Anyway. One day and the usual approach to sightseeing – walk into the tourist office and ask what they would advise to do – still got me

  • a nice walk around the city center,
  • a free guided tour in the Münster,
  • entirely wet,
  • a new umbrella,
  • to see the Tinguely museum,
  • to almost break my camera,
  • a free jazz concert including a glass of white wine,
  • really tired by the end of day.

The pictures above ones are from the Tinguely Museum website; the ones below are mine.

I have to come back and see more of the city and its museums and try more of that food.


4 responses to “Basel

  1. Du warst in Basel? Sag doch was 🙂 Ich bion vielleicht in zwei Wochen wieder da…

    • Was machst du in Basel? Ich war für eine Hochzeit da; nicht wirklich viel Zeit zum Sightseeing… Was hältst du denn mal wieder von einem Treffen in Belgien? 🙂

  2. Treffen klingt gut, nur bin ich ab morgen in Berlin und ab Sonntag in der Schweiz, mal wieder bei Freunden reinschauen. In 2 Wochen dürfte ich wieder hier sein!

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