A few more thoughts on Russia

Actually, St. Petersburg as it didn’t get further than this. After the visit in June, I had half a day this time. Having heard about the boat tour, I googled a bit and found in the end one English speaking tour. Perfect for the time left and the cold but sunny morning. Definitely a thing to do.

Besides this, 3 more things:

  • Do not leave the city without taking the metro. Though not if you have vertigo; the metro is incredibly deep done. My estimate was like a 50-70 meters. Turns out that this was rather a careful one.
  • I swear to drink tea only next time I’m back. The coffee – no matter if in the hotel or a café, prepared by an Italian machine or a Soviet time looking truc – is truely disgusting.
  • The time the waiters take to clean up a table is inversely proportional to the times the food takes to arrive. Read: if you are a slow eater, don’t put your fork down or your plate with whatever is left on it will be gone in no time.

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