The Reader II

Ahh, the joy of sequels…

Seriously; it is not that I didn’t have other things to do – like preparing this conference next week, or dealing with this cold – but some things just have to have priority.

Bloglines being closed down, bothered me enough to spend valuable time on annoying colleagues and searching for something else. To no avail…. Until I realised that there was probably no Internet related issue to which no Firefox addon existed. Thought – done – found: Feedly!

Which first scarred me as all, but all my feeds were already there the moment I created an account including the folder structure! After a short moment of big brother paranoia, I realised that it links straight through to Google Reader where I exported my feeds to on Sunday. Huh…

Anyhow. Feedly has a nicely designed interface – the digest view being my favourite for now. It is intuitive enough to manage, integrates Twitter, Youtube, Flickr and all other kinds of social net tools (exactly the developments the idiots from missed!) and is yet another proof nobody needed that Firefox beats Explorer by miles.


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