The Reader

The announcement alone was impertinent: “As you may have heard, we are sorry to share that Bloglines will officially shut down on October 1, 2010.” I’m subscribed to the freaking bloglines news feed; and no,  I did not know…

As it turns out; acquired bloglines in 2005 and is now shutting it down. Apparently because people prefer Twitter, Facebook and heaven knows what else. I can’t help it but the reasons they bring up sound hollow to me. If you loose money, why don’t you say so?

I liked Bloglines very much. Now I need a new; well designed feed reader – and for once, Google isn’t an alternative. If you have one; let me know.


4 responses to “The Reader

  1. Tired of having random issues with Bloglines a couple of months ago (after having used the system for many years) I moved the OPML to Google Reader. It has worked flawlessly since then. Don’t know a better alternative.

    I loved Bloglines, too. However I thought the “new” “beta” interface was terrible.

    • Hmm…. That’s what I’ve done too but google reader is not very well designed – especially the interface. And, it doesn’t show how many subscribers a blog has.

      Something for google to develop.

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