Where’s the remedy?

Despite – or maybe thanks to – Belgium having the presidency of the European Union, nobody noticed that it still doesn’t have a government. Elections were only in June so no need to hurry.

What’s fascinating is that this disease seems to be spreading: The Netherlands are almost since 3 months without a government and Australia an unprecedented fortnight! If politicians aren’t more careful soon, people will come to realise that they can do without a lot of the circus


2 responses to “Where’s the remedy?

  1. What do you mean, “a lot of the circus”? They seem to be doing rather well without the circus full stop. Which goes to illustrate how right “Yes (Prime) Minister” was – countries are run by the public service, not the government. The government is only a decoy to keep the public of the public servants’ backs. Rather clever.

  2. The more I live in Belgium, the more I’m inclined to go with your line of argument. But what about long-term decisions such as – what families receive subsidies, nuclear energy or not, voting rights to migrants, less subsidies for agriculture… Is this not the kind of discussion, political parties are good for? And a government only being the more or less representative expression of what le peuple wants?

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