It’s actually not that complicated

One of those things men don’t understand (and women don’t bother explaining) is perceived temperature.

Men basically know two temperatures: warm and cold. In extreme cases, they may add two more: too warm and hot; hardly ever too cold.Women know roughly 15 levels of temperature of which one ‘status’ totally escapes the male comprehension: “I’m not cold but it is not warm either.”

In case you don’t see what I mean: that’s the point at which most women put on a light sweater or jersey while they are not cold; leading to some head shaking, sighs and other expressions of utter non understanding.

Note: putting on this jersey is indeed not a matter of being cold or warm. It is a matter of feeling the cloth against the skin and the however light weight of the jersey that makes the difference.

Now, if you still don’t understand it, then I can help it. Just deal with it as a matter of fact.


2 responses to “It’s actually not that complicated

  1. Science to the rescue!

    We actually feel temperature in different ways.

    • I always find it amazing when science results suggest something that’s been pretty obvious. Though sometimes it might just be the newspapers heating up some old stuff to place ads to fancy tools…

      The bit about feeling warm and behaving warm is interesting.

      Now, believing in self-conditioning, I always tell myself that it is actually not that cold; hoping that I feel the cold less. Some research about this could be useful to me…

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