Any idea

what plant that is?:

It is a climbing plant – at least it was holding on nicely to a fence. Which then belonged to a school yard. Therefore my assumption that it is not poisoning.


11 responses to “Any idea

  1. A pomegranate?

    • The fruit was actually the size – and outside look – of an apricot. But this red insight is strange. Though in line with a pomegranate – only that those have the size of an apple. And pomegranate are trees.

  2. Why do you assume that it is not poisoning looking at the way how Belgium and kids… Oh wait, I do not finish this sentence… 🙂

  3. Sanddorn?

    • Nope. The fruits of Sanddorn – or Sea-buckthorn as the English say – are about cherry size. And it’s a bush; hence not climbing fences.

  4. The fruit really looks like a small pomagranate. And the light green leaves also look like a pomegranate tree. (It seems that there are 2 different plants in your hence, one with dark green leaves and one with light green leaces).
    There are many different varieties of pomagranate, and some of them are present in the south of France. Maybe there are some climbing varieties?
    Did you taste it?

    • Hm… I’m still not convinced. I read the wikipedia entry about the pomegranate. It seems as if the leaves are always opposed on the branch. My little plant here as what I would call finger leaves – like a hand with five fingers.

      And, pomegranates have a leather like outside skin. This fellow was all soft and a little bit furry.

    • And no, I did not taste it, despite my assumption. Better safe than sorry (and wrong in that case).

  5. I’m pretty sure that is a passionfruit vine. I have one growing in my yard, but the leaves on mine are a little rounder.

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