Le carnet de voyage – Marseille II

1) Sunshine is addictive.

2) La Cagole is THE beer of Marseille. Though it’s brewed in Czech Republic as the owner of a tourist souvenir shop told me. From a taste point of view, it’s equivalent a Stella or a Heineken; i.e. it really makes you miss a good Belgian beer. The only interesting part is the branding. Une cagole – in the slang of Marseille – is a woman of rather liberal morals using more men make-up than is good for her.

3 & 4) The great wall of Marseille – or better what is left of it – was meant to stop the citizens of Marseille to leave the city. As a harbour city, it had business but this came with a price: constant arrival of unwanted guests, especially diseases such as the plague.

5) While the sand on the beaches here in Belgium is incredibly fine and soft, the beaches in Marseille are all stony. But as the sea is incredibly blue, nobody is complaining about it. Sun beats stone it seems, not paper.

6) …


2 responses to “Le carnet de voyage – Marseille II

  1. I wish I had know about that beer!
    I loved the stones in Nice, but now I am back in the north as well, Chicago. We have beaches, but somehow its just not the same.

    • You didn’t miss anything with that beer. But let me know if you come to Belgium again; then we go for one! Good beers and beaches; if now the weather was better…

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