Le carnet de voyage – Marseille I

After the windsurfing classes in the morning, my afternoons in Marseille were mainly meant to be relaxing. Therefore no overload of tourist activities. Juste ce qu’il faut.

Among others, we went up to la bonne Mère and saw the old harbour. Despite Marseille being founded by the Greeks, there isn’t much left of the old city as it was heavily bombarded during the 2nd WW.

One of the things the Germans did not manage to destroy (even though they tried) is the church de “Notre Dame de la Garde” commonly called la bonne mère.

Small from the outside, the church is richly decorated with mosaics on the inside. What’s most impressive though are all the gifts – replica of boats, paintings and ’tiles’ – offered to the la bonne mère either as prayers for her protection or as thanks after the safe return of the beloved ones.

It felt as if the church belongs to the people and the people to the church.


4 responses to “Le carnet de voyage – Marseille I

  1. 3 things I liked in Marseille: Nothe Dame de la Garde, Le fountain de Palais Lonchamp and Le Panier (the vieille quartier). Apart from that, I did not like it much……….

  2. Right, I went to Cassis and from there I walked to Le Calanque du Sormiu and it was lovely!!!

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