Windsurfing – day 5 & end

Mistral wind again. This time coming straight from the north, i.e. the land. We constantly drift towards the other bay. But it is such a pleasure to feel the wind in the sail.

The waves are much rougher and the trickiest part is to get started. Once you have the dead point, turn into the wind and get to handle the sail, the speed is amazing! It starts to feel natural to have the ankles balancing the board to the moves of the sea, while the knees are flexible; the abdominals tense and the shoulders drawn back. Maximum stability in the upper body while the legs do the balance part and the arms hold the sail.

Almost every time the teacher comes over to give instructions or correct something – “on entre les fesses” – I fall or have to stop. It seems that my entire being is busy with controlling every part of my body to handle the surfboard…

Another 20 minutes track back to the beach all along the beautiful scenery put an end to an amazing 5 day experience.


After trying and failing at surfing, I was surprised how relatively easy the windsurfing went. The sail gives a perfect counterweight to the body.

Of course, there were still some  muscles hurt, I didn’t suspect the existence of and I was totally exhausted the first two days. The best were my legs, especially the calves full of bruises and scratches from the rough surface of the board…

It would have been perfect to have another week but even as it was – short, intensive and making speedy progress – it was absolutely great!


4 responses to “Windsurfing – day 5 & end

  1. What a colourful experience 😉

  2. I spent every summer by the sea in Australia, yet I never tried this. Now I am inspired to take some classes next time I’m near a some warm sand and welcoming water. It sounds challenging but very liberating.

    • Wow; that I inspire you is quite a compliment! Windsurfing is fun for sure! Did you ever do skiing? It helps a lot – together with a few decent push-ups 🙂

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