Windsurfing – day 2 & day 3

Day 2
I have no clear memory of this day but it must have been good because than came…

Day 3
I finally start to understand what the point mort – dead point – is for. Standing on the board, holding the sail only by the rope – like a flag – the board turns all by itself into the wind, i.e. the best starting position.

We’re out on the sea just in time to catch the upcoming thermic wind – from the sea to the land. At our stage – beginners and advanced beginners – we always go in the direction of the wind.

After one hour, I find myself at the proximity to the beach and get the assignment of sailing back to the landing area instead of being dragged back by the boat. Managing 5 halfturns and departures without falling, I sail ‘home’ and feel very proud of myself.


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