Riding with the wind

There aren’t many sports I want to learn but one that has been tempting me for a while is: Windsurfing. Once I was sure of having two weeks of summer holiday, the decision was taking to spend one of them on a board.

Staying with a friend in Marseille, I found a course in Cassis which is 20 minutes by car or 1 hour by bus, train, metro and bus again. Anyway…

Hoping for the best, I didn’t have any particular expectations. In the end, it turned out to be a week of sea, sunshine and good surprises. The first one was that the teacher was a woman, the second that my sense of balance is quite good. But one thing after the other:

Day 1
Arriving at the club just in time, we sorted out board and sail sizes, wetsuits and insurances. All boards were then attached to another and dragged by boat out of the beach are. My first exercise: Make the board turn once left and then right while lifting the sail over it. Though I spent clearly more time in the water, I managed one turn in the end and even got the sail into starting position: wishbone in the hands. The big advantage of this first day: hardly any wind.


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