Le carnet de voyage – Arles I

Though the audioguide visit in Nîmes wasn’t bad, the ‘human version’ in Arles confirmed again that these are simply the better ones. The audioguided tours are 100% rehearsed. There is no spontaneity, no irony and no comparisons like the one about “house saints”. House saints are little statutes of – guess what – saints each family owned and put on the outside corner of the house. When the family moved, they took ‘their saint’ with them. As our guide put it: “Like the garden gnome*”.

* Gartenzwerg, nain de jardin,


2 responses to “Le carnet de voyage – Arles I

  1. Colourful Arles as Van Gogh´s paintings……………..Can you remember the latinoamerican singer with the beautiful voice singing on the terrace? It was similar to that one of the Brasilian Adriana Calcanhoto.

    • Of course I remember that evening. It was so nice to sit outside, chat and listen to the concert! I’m listening to Adriana Calcanhoto now – thanks to you and Youtube 🙂

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