Le carnet de voyage – Nîmes

The third stop on this journey.  Though only 28 minutes from Avignon by train, it is a totally different city. Nîmes had it’s best time roughly 2.000 years ago. It’s maybe thanks to the fact that the city lost it’s importance and shrank after 400  AC, that the amphitheater – commenly called Arena – is one of the best maintained world-wide instead of being used as a quarry like the Collosseum. Though it must have been even more ‘outstanding’ when the sourrounding buildings were only one or two stories high; it is very impressive to see and the audioguided tour is well done.

The most interesting part of that visit was the discussion I had with a Canadian. We were comparing European history and tininess to Canada’s geography and huge spaces. Summary: Canada has a beautiful landscape and simply more if it; Europe has more history. We were both quite pleased with this outcome.


4 responses to “Le carnet de voyage – Nîmes

  1. Plus it looks like you have been having excellent weather. What a picturesque little town.

  2. I was so recked after “climbing” to the auberge de jeunesse that I just got to see the arenes next morning……….

    • Yeah… That auberge de jeuness! I called them to know how to get there. They told me: ‘Oh, no problem. It’s 500 meters from the bus stop’. What they did not tell me is that 450 out of that 500 meters went straight up. But I still liked that auberge better than the one in Arles.

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