Le carnet de voyage – Lyon II

It wasn’t easy finding a biking tour in Lyon. Google results were poor and nothing offert by the Office de Tourisme. What they gave us there however was the advise to go to the “bike & see” shop 5 minutes further. There, we got a whole sales session and booked in the end two bikes and 1 iPod for 3 hours.

Coming back the next morning, the bikes were ready for us to go. Setting off along Les berges du Rhône, we decided against stopping every 20 meters to listen to the podcast.

Following simply the directions, we made it to the parc Tête d’Or in 20 minutes instead of the 2 hours we were told it would take. In the park, again, we had more fun cycling around than listening minutieusement to the audioguide.

Not quite trusting our luck, we discovered that the zoo inside the park is free entrance and that you are allowed to cycle on most of the ways. Our audioguide did not have this precious piece of information. The most interesting one it gave us though was about the berges du Rhône.

I don’t know anything about the political and social process behind it, but hats up to a city that was courageous and insightful enough to exchange 3000 parking lots for a green and enjoyable breathing space along the river.


2 responses to “Le carnet de voyage – Lyon II

  1. Da hättest du mich mal fragen müssen, zu Radln in Lyon 😉 Wobei ich damals eher westlich von Lyon, in den “Monts Lyonnais” gefahren bin. Ist echt eine sehr schöne Stadt, so viel kleiner als Paris…

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