Le carnet de voyage – Lyon I

I visited Lyon back in 2005 on a cold and grey december day. My memory of the city wasn’t the best. Hence, this second visit.

August 2010 – I really like Lyon. Not only does it have the Rhône, it is also very green, easy to discover and pleasantly warm.

Arriving late in the afternoon, we organised the bike trip for the following morning. Afterwards, we went up to the cathedral before running into an open air ‘interactive’ theatre performance. Following the spirit of the moment, we stayed and enjoyed watching the group: a lutin and his musicians creating a moment of magic in the gardens leading down to the vieux Lyon.

Coming back way later than planned, the fast food pasta corner was very welcome. And this curious vodka sauce (tomato sauce with vodka, creme and parsil) went well with the fusilli – fresh and creamy at the same time; before going to bed nicely tired after 5 h of walk.


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