Better be silent

According to the journal La Capitale, the number of parrots in Brussels has grown by 30% within only three years. With about 10,000 exemplars flying and screaming around in Brussels parks, they start to become a threat to the biodiversity of indigenous bird and bat species; says the Environmental office. The region now evaluates countermeasures, including shooting and sterilisation.

Now, I don’t say this is good or bad. Maybe it is even just necessary but what I don’t like is how it is underlined three times that the parrots are noisy. As if they had chosen to come here and be annoying in the first place…


4 responses to “Better be silent

  1. I see a perfect way to strike back in the quest for brewing the world’s strongest beer while at the same time finding a useful employ for the surplus of unwanted parrots. See here to get an idea:

  2. Noisy? You guys don’t even know the meaning of the word. This is what I woke up to every morning in Canberra:

    • Exactly my point! They just couldn’t come up with a better argument against the parrots. And, they say that there are more than 10.000 – sounds impressive but how does it compare with the total number of sparrows or pigeons? Do they actually have numbers for those?

      Don’t worry, I’m not asking you personally 🙂

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