Human being 2.0

Where are my add-ons?


7 responses to “Human being 2.0

  1. This leave quite a lot of scope for interpretation…

  2. Could be that you are just longing for a skill you do not yet possess and would like to acquire without the arduous process of learning…like yet another language (Slovak maybe? Russian?). Yet it could also be quite an effective header on a dating website…

  3. Slovene even…

    • 😀 I will keep the header idea for the dating site in mind! Your first intention is the right one: Why do I have to learn to speak a language when google translator allows me to read almost any given language? It seems so… tedious. And old fashioned.

  4. Your addons, should you chose to take up these options, are immortality and sympathetic magic. See for more details on Human Being 2.0.

    • Thanks but no thanks. Immortality is kind of inconvenient. Having a deadline in life makes the whole experiences a lot more exciting. Something practical – like being able to speak a language from one day to the other – would be more welcome.

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