русский язык

Food, transport, sleeping, directions, advertisements, understanding of basic information without speaking the language and being able to read… The first day, I was pretty lost in St. Petersburg. Quickly checking the metro plan, njet. Having a look on the menu – next time. And so on.

Then I started to recognise words – ketchup, congress, forum, lift. As of the second day, it was almost like a puzzle. More and more parts being unveiled, completing the picture. Although more often than not, the picture of something incomprehensible. Because being able to read the word, does not include knowing what it means. Still, after recognizing Internet, Restauran (without the ‘t’ at the end), Bar, Club and taking the right metro in the right direction several times,  life was starting to be normal again.

If now, I only manage to learn a few words going beyond yes, no, you are welcome and thanks, to not stand that helpless in front of people, everything is going to be alright.


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