Why Germany is not going to win the 2010 World Cup

Looking back in history, it seems to me that Germany winning the World Cup, was closely related to some major developments in politics.

In 1954, Germany (West) was back on its feed after the 2nd World War. The economy was booming, Germany was starting to be recognised again internationally, and the national football team is allowed to participate in the world cup. They came as underdogs though. Winning the World Cup was something most people hadn’t believed possible, maybe dreamed about. But it gave the young democracy self confidence. Germany was back on stage.

1974, first round, Germany West plays Germany East. Germany West loses 0:1 but makes it in the second round nevertheless. The end of the story is known. What matters however is the normalisation of the relation between the two parts of Germany. One playing the other, in a mayor tournament; East Germany scores a good will point, but loses the game in the end.

1990 – the one World Cup where everything comes together. It’s not even a year ago that the wall came down, the official unification is still to come but all of Germany is supporting one single team. And then happens what otherwise would have been too beautiful to be true: it is as if history decided that the Germans needed a coup de pouce, something to cheer at all together. Germany wins and in the end, it looks as if it were meant to be.

*Unfortunately, I don’t see any similarly important changes going on right now. Maybe I’m wrong and in a few years time, history will show that we were just at a start of a new area. Maybe…


6 responses to “Why Germany is not going to win the 2010 World Cup

  1. In that case… any wild guess of who is gonna win?

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