Selective memory

On days where I try to convince my brain to remember Spanish irregular verbs, I wish I had more control over what it actually keeps. I assume most of us have a selective memory but wouldn’t it be nice to have something like a remote control that lets you decide what to delete and what to save? Instead of this handy tool, my brain is perfectly capable to recall irrelevant conversations from months if not years ago but I have to force it by endless repetition to be able to conjugate saber in all times.

I realised that kept memories are most of the time linked to some form of emotions: laughter, surprise, disgust, rage or even mild irritation. The question is now: how can I use this for the past tenses and el subjunctivo?


2 responses to “Selective memory

  1. When you figure it out, let me know. Future tenses would also be useful.

    • Just think how exciting it would be if you could tell people about all the things you are planning. How the people in your French class would get jealous when you tell them about your future trips all around the world. How wonderful it will be the day when you can say whatever you want without even thinking about it. Now, take all those verbs; and make full sentences:

      • La semaine prochaine, j’irai
      • L’an prochain, je voyagerai
      • Un jour, je parlerai

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