Wenn einer eine Reise tut

  • The Deutsche Bahn is finally replacing human announcements about how welcome the travellers are on board – and which most of the time sounded like “I couldn’t care less that you are here but my company obliges me to read this stupid announcement” – by artificially cheerful recorded welcome message.
  • When crossing the train bridge over the Rhine to get on the left side of Cologne, there are plenty of padlocks* hanging on the fences – a few hundreds I would say. Does anybody know why?

* Vorhängeschloss, cadenas


4 responses to “Wenn einer eine Reise tut

  1. Du warst auch in Köln? Hast du die Schlösser nur aus dem Zug gesehen oder aus der Nähe? Aus der Nähe siehst du, dass die Schlösser von Pärchen sind. Wieso? Keine Ahnung und zu faul zum Suchen…

  2. I meant to ask you exactly the same question. There are thousands of locks. Did you get any answers?

    • Yes. It is couples who just got married putting the locks (often with their names on it) and then throwing the keys in the Rhine. The Deutsche Bahn wanted to remove them but got really bad publicity…

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