Ce qu’il reste

Monsieur Pingouin had the kindness to forward me a mémé whereby I’m invited to think about and share the eventual results of this tedious exercise what I would do if I had a time machine. Before you say physical laws and not possible; learn french, read this and come back discussing afterwards.

Now, where in time would I go? I like the present, very much even and the past is left best where it is. However, I’d love to see what life will look like in a 100 years from now. A 100 years ago, aviation and cars were becoming popular though weren’t affordable, penicillin wasn’t discovered, the welfare state in its infancy, colonialism the norm, women weren’t allowed to vote, etc., etc.

Nobody could have predicted the century that lay ahead and I somehow keep on hoping that the surprise would knock me out of my shoes when seeing 2110. Maybe it’s because I hope that humankind still gets it right. Quoique…

As with every good mémé, I hereby invite:

  • Olli and Anton because they haven’t been writing a lot lately
  • Umwalker to catch a glimpse of what the future might look like in the city of Rubens
  • Lydia and Korie to complete the Euro-American-Australian point of view.

7 responses to “Ce qu’il reste

  1. Life in 100 years ? I hope there will still be auks like me. If not, well, then send me a note in the past so I can arrange that. :=)

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  3. Challenge accepted. Though I’m afraid I can’t offer very much from the Austrian perspective 😉

    • You never know. What if you travelled in the past and changed your future so that you would have an Austrian nationality? With time travel, everything is possible 🙂

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