Brussels by bike

La Maison des Cyclistes is offering some really good services – free bicycle repair, renting and guided tours. Last Saturday, I did one of those and it was great. They do it on all kinds of topics covering various aspects of Brussels history and geography: Beer and Breweries, Art Nouveau, Castles and Abbeys, Tervuren and Leopold II, etc. etc.

As always, there has to be a downside to it which in this case is 1) tours are in French or Dutch and 2) the guy at the counter of la maison des cyclistes is not the most helpful person ever. He needs to be given V-E-R-Y precise instructions. Asking for bicycle maps for Brussels doesn’t get you anything; asking for one covering the green ring (aka Promenade verte) around Brussels neither. Until I was told by the guide that there is a map indicating all pistes cyclables and the green ring. This one he had after – for 1 euro.


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