Njanani, njanana

What haven’t they complained in the newspapers in the last days: traders, travellers, tourists.

No fresh mango in Munich; no flowers from Kenya, no weekend in Rome, njanani, njanana…

How many of those trips were actually necessary? How much does it say about a major industry that it is calling for government aids after a week (1 week!) out of business? Have we actually realised how dependent we are on a technology that not only is rather fragile but also blows hundreds of thousands of tons of CO2 in the air every day, and diminishes the quality of life of thousands of people through pollution and noise…

Flying is enjoyably fast and convenient; I agree but what about taking things a bit slower, taking the train every once in a while instead or maybe even staying at home…

Also a form of luxury, I believe.

Besides, has anybody thought of the possibility that this is a very subtle form of revenge? After all, the UK applied anti-terror laws against Island at the height of the financial crisis.

And, before I forget: Some very pretty pictures from Island, this volcano and horses.


2 responses to “Njanani, njanana

  1. And the pretty sky! And the beautiful sunsets I watched without any air plane leftovers in the sky!

  2. I agree with you. On Thursday morning, the sky looked all dirty and dusty. But no, that wasn’t ash; that were the plane traces…

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