Les plaisirs de tous les jours – …

1 April – Ennoying colleagues by repeating that I’m going to Paris – tonight.

2 April – Sleeping in; going for a walk, seeing a friend, salmon & potato salad with fennel, apples and olives.

3 April – The pleasures of swimming in a 50 meter pool with lanes separated by slow, fast swimmer all styles, fast swimmer three styles, professionals. No problems with turtles or sharks…

4 April – Having friends over for dinner at a friends place. J’adore!

5 April – Walk in the sunshine. For once.

6 April – Barcelona 4 : 1 Arsenal!

7 April – …

8 April – Relaxing lunch with colleagues

9 April – Beer, sunshine, terrace – life is great.

10 April – Crumbles with chocolate and oat meal…

11 April – No curso de espanol manana pero un encuentro con una amiga para hablar un poco

12 April – Crèpes mikado – vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce.

13 April – …

14 April – Get out of my way, I’m swimming!

15 April – faire rien, quel bonheur


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