Human kind conquered the seas and the land. We made our way to the moon and back. But a little crystal, not even the size of a grain of sand, somewhere in the lower saliva channel can cause days of agony to be relieved only partially by pain killers.

8 responses to “Fascinating

  1. Didn’t your mother tell you not to eat crystals?

  2. I am intrigued now. How DID it get there?

  3. If I get a chance, I will! Let me try a different angle – how did you (or someone else) find out that it was this that was causing you pain?

    • Pretty straight forward by excluding other possibilities – notable an infected ear and teeth problems. The doctor I went to explained the type of pain and the swelling around my jaws was typical for this kind of problem. After all, I’m not the first person who ever had it 😉

  4. See, that was my problem. You are the first person I am aware of who ever had this problem. I have a fairly good idea of how stones can form in kidneys. However, I was completely, totally and utterly ignorant that they can form in saliva ducts. (I wonder whether they are formed by the same minerals…I really SHOULD go back to Ms. Zapf…) So was it treated in a way similar to the one kidney stones are treated?

    Sorry, I just realised that I am getting carried away with my curiosity and that I must appear totally unsympathetic. I hope you are feeling better and are free of pain now?

    • I don’t know what material the crystals are formed of but the treatment consisted in anti-inflammatory painkillers (25mg) three times a day over three days.

      Free of pain indeed and totally understanding your curiosity 🙂

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