Paris encore et toujours

I tried to count how many times I have been to Paris but can’t really remember; something between 6 and 7. It’s so easy to come over from Brussels, especially if you have friends to stay with. And there is always something I haven’t seen yet; something still to discover. Even though I also spend a good deal of my time sleeping, relaxing and reading, I still managed to:

  • have a walk through the shopping center Châtelet / Les Halles. I was expecting more a real market and not 90% cloths shops but the swimming pool is great.
  • go for groceries in the tiny market of Les enfants rouges. Maybe it was the weather or the Easter weekend but there were not a lot of people around. Got all the vegetables I was looking for.
  • visit the museum Arts et Metiers. I never remember the first Sunday of the month and am always happily surprised to learn that the entrance is free. Luckily so because I will have to come back to the museum after managing to see 2 of the 6 exhibition rooms in a bit more than 2 hours.

In the museum, I was all pleased to see exhibition pieces from Grenoble – one of the first concrete towers – and from Magdeburg – the hemispheres. It’s nice to come across places you’ve been to like this.

Pictures from Wikipedia pages linked above.

2 responses to “Paris encore et toujours

  1. When you visisted Les Halles, did you go into St-Eustache church? Most beautiful light effects thanks to awesome stained-glass windows!

    • Non, mince!! Before going to Paris the next time, I’ll make sure to get an overview from you on what to see. Can’t believe I missed that one.

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