Les plaisirs de tous les jours – à suivre en direct ou presque…

16. March – Toast au chèvre chaud with honey and thym.

17. March – I still can’t believe how warm it is outside.

18. March – A relaxing evening at home. I need more of those.

19. March – Cypriot restaurant – nice food!!

20. March – Bike, swim, food, clean, sleep, learn, relax.

21. March – Sunday market shopping – red & green pepper, minced meat, eggs, bananas, kiwis, mandarines, cheese, potatoes.

22. March – Lo siento repetirme pero lunes es el dia español. Todavía me gusta

23. March – Getting things done; though not at work.

24. March – Lunch on the terrasse!!! YES, take this winter!

25. March – …

26 March – Getting everything done. Almost.

27 March – Swimming in a sunflooded pool.

28 March – Having a good time with friends.

29 March – Ravioles à la crème fraiche avec un peu de poivre. Nothing else needed.

30 March – … weird day…

31 March – Croissant pour le petit déjeuner 🙂


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