Bilan cinématographique trimestriel

  • Le Concert***
    First movie of the year; funny, sad, moving, great.
  • Up*
    Nice and not bad but below Pixar’s usual level of entertainment.
  • Avatar***
    Those images…
  • Mr. Nobody**
    Weird, long, not bad. How many different lives fit in one and why we are not always masters of our destiny. Or shall we say, hardly ever?
  • The Third Man**
    A classic; Orson Welles, no happy end.
  • Invictus***
    Not a Clint Eastwood master piece but a true story about how sport can bring people together, even blacks and whites in South Africa.
  • A Single Man**
    By all means not an action movie. A calm, beautifully shot film. A bit less of the music would have been more but all together a good moment.

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