I always turn out the lights and switch off electricity when leaving my place. I remind my colleagues to shut down the computers when going home. I think that the lights all along the Belgian highways are a gigantic waste of energy.

Maybe it is the way I was brought up that Earth Hour seems ridiculous to me. Maybe because it is just so obvious: if you really want to make a change, switching of the light for one hour once a year isn’t going to do the trick. Just do it every day, every time you don’t need it. Et voilà!

And even though I understand that a beautifully lighted inner city is a tourist attraction; I don’t see why switching off those lights after 2 am would do any harm.


2 responses to “Instead

  1. lousyweather

    Hier brauchen wir auch keine Earth Hour. Hier is sowieso zappenduster.

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