Les plaisirs de tous les jours – la série

1. March – Getting lucky twice at the German embassy – once for a paper I didn’t have, once for paying.

2. March – Pasta with my new favourite tomato sauce including capres and lots of green olives.

3. March – Tortilla de spaghetti

4. March – 45 minutes walk home through an area I hardly know enjoying the rest light of the day.

5. March – Red wine and antipasti

6. March – Sunshine and cupcakes

7. March – Ticking of most of the stuff on this weekend’s to-do list

8. March – Un croque-monsieur pour me rendre heureux.

9. March – Escaping the madness for a few minutes at least…

10. March – Getting everything done in time. Unbelievable.

11. March – Out of BXL for four days!!

12. March – Austrian red wine.

13. March – Sightseeing at it’s best – nice people, nice city, nice food!

14. March – Very kind police man taking down my declaration after my wallet decided to change owners at Gare de Midi. Stupid mistake of me met with a lot of understanding and support.

15. March – Castillano – siempre no me cansada de mi curso. Empezamos con el subjuntivo y naturalmente no es el mismo como en francès.

Published late due to the wordpress poltergeist.


2 responses to “Les plaisirs de tous les jours – la série

  1. Cupcakes! Fun and delicious.

    So sorry to hear about your wallet. My purse changed owners a few months back at a restaurant near Avenue Louise.

    • Yeah, the cupcakes were good. Regarding a wallet, I have to agree with a friend of mine who commented: “After three years in Brussels without anything stolen, it was maybe just time”; ie. I’ve been lucky so far and I know that.

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