And counting

Besides giving a pretty precise approximation of Π, the exhibition (or permanent installation, no clue) all along the underground exit following the direction “Secession” of the U-Bahn stop “Karlsplatz” is displaying all kinds of mixed, diverse and irritating numbers. The spending on defence world-wide next to the number of people in love in Vienna, the number of Schnitzel eaten since 1 January next to people unhappy with their job in Vienna (more than those who are in love). Not knowing who’s work it is neither the purpose, I can’t give much credit besides: I think this is cool.


8 responses to “And counting

  1. So that you can give credit where credit is due:
    Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything on “Session” but maybe you find this link useful:

  2. I’ve also found information on “superchicken”:
    So far nothing on Session, though.

  3. “Superchicken” ist großartig. “Big Bird” und “Die Fette Henne” sind ja leider schon vergeben 🙂

  4. PS: You came a week early. It’s sunny and 20 degrees Centigrade.

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