What can I say about Vienna that hasn’t been said already? Well, here’s a try:

  • Vienna is best to be visited from April to November. A snowy, cold and windy mid-March weekend does not do justice to the city. Best is probably June as there is a maximum of daylight and hence sight-seeing time.
  • One day trips are to be avoided. They only lead to frustration as they give a good idea of all the things that are to be seen but for which is not enough time.
  • Watch The Third Manupon the day of your arrival, at the latest the day after. Then go sightseeing and try recognising the monuments, corners and sights. Adds a taste of paper chasing to the whole visit. After four days of sightseeing, watch the movie again.
  • Go in one several of the numerous wine/beer bars or restaurants.  Enjoy the Austrian wine and the Austrian beer – yes, this is a country that can do both – and the food such as Gulasch, Powidltascherl, Golatschen. Complain regularly to the people you visit the city with that you don’t have the time to taste everything and that you will have to come back for the food. Never mention sights worth seeing during those conversations.
  • Visit the Karlskirche and take the lift up to the dome. Thanks to the on-going restoration, it is possible to have the 17th century frescos at almost your fingertips.
  • Make sure to see the front and back sights of historical buildings. As hard as it might be to believe, it really makes a difference, especially for the Rathaus.

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