BBC Mundo & Mi vida loca

For all those who are working on improving their Spanish castellano, there are two webpages, I’d really advise. Well, actually one – the good old BBC*.

First, the BBC has a language learning page for 7 languages for absolute beginners. Now, I’m not an absolute  beginner any longer but I still like the way the page is set up and gives you some basic knowledge to get started. What I really enjoyed though was Mi Vida Loca. It’s an interactive drama – for once an online exercise that actually deserves the claim ‘interactiv’ – that allowed me to revise basic vocabulary in a funny and entertaining way. I’m not much of a soap opera fan but I relly grew attached to Mercé.

Second, for those who picked up speed and want to improve the vocabulary in order to talk about things that are actually and currently going on on this little blue planet turning around this small star, BBC Mundo offers a great portada, videos y noticias. I find the news much easier to understand than on El País which is maybe the next step but for now, I’m happy that I got this far.

*I don’t get anything for promoting the BBC here. With such great tools, she (he? – it’s Die BBC in German) would need it anyway.


2 responses to “BBC Mundo & Mi vida loca

  1. Castellano 🙂

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