Les plaisirs de tous les jours – succession

15 Feb. – Getting things done. Enfin.

16 Feb. – Lunch francophone

17 Feb. – Water!! I’m still not tired of swimming. Actually impressing myself.

18 Feb. – …

19 Feb. – Seeing the one man show of Pie Tshibanda – Un noir fou au pays des blanc. Witty, sad, hilarious, challenging, outstanding.

20 Feb. – Stuffing 30 hours in 24 and still feeling relaxed.

21 Feb. – Breath

22 Feb. – Subjuntivo – no me gusta pero tengo que aprenderlo.

23 Feb. – Staying late in the office doesn’t matter if you are talking to nice people.

24 Feb. – …

25 Feb. – Rice noodles, broccoli and surimi – nice!

26 Feb. – First Wodka-Martini in my life. Not enough Wodka and no olives…

27 Feb. – Sunshine and 10° – taking out the bike!

28 Feb. – Saying goodbye to a friend over a cup of tea. Ce n’est qu’un au revoir…


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