Les plaisirs de tous les jours – la suite

1 Feb. – Having arguments with a colleague. I’m not good at this kind of stuff. Stomach problems for the rest of the day. (Not really a pleasure that one but worth remembering nevertheless)

2. Feb. – Other people are in even bigger trouble than I am. That shouldn’t make me feel better.

3. Feb. – 2000m in 50 min.

4. Feb. – A glass of white wine and an omlette with tomatos. Much better now.

5. Feb. – Halleluja that this week is over.

6. Feb. – One new bar and one new beer in an evening.

7. Feb. – Breathing; mindwise.

8. Feb. – Almost getting locked in the school at the end of Spanish class. I’m definitely enjoying this class too much.

9. Feb. – Lasagne!

10. Feb. – Talking beer over a steak.

11. Feb. – …

12. Feb. – Surprise invitation for dinner.

13. Feb. – Haircut – enjoying the feeling of leaving unnecessary ballast behind. At least for half a day.

14. Feb. – Sauna! I love heat.

Can someone please tell the conductor that this train is running too fast? It can’t be mid-Feb already…


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