Metro DJ

A long time ago, I was wondering whether the public transport in Brussels (STIB) had someone selecting the songs they play in the metro stations all day long. In the afternoon, it’s usually Queen or Abba, at night always classic music. Today, through one of the far too many newsletters, I got the answer:

“In fact, the STIB purchases the playlists in ready-made packages from a specialised company. And due to the linguistic tensions in Belgium all pieces are either in English or instrumental.”


5 responses to “Metro DJ

  1. That is great research! This issue has been a source of great discussion in our circles. I did wonder why so many of the songs were in English. Now I know.

  2. I wouldn’t never dare to claim that my asking the question and stumbling upon the answer deserves the name research. But I’m very glad you like it 😉

  3. lousyweather

    In which newsletter did you find that piece of information?

    • In a newsletter for the interns and former interns of the European Commission. It was one of those ‘random pieces of information’…

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