With brown sauce

that’s how John, the main caracter of Intermission, drinks his coffee.

As much as I like brown sauce with baked beans, the idea to put something that’s made of malt vinegar, tomatoes, molasses, dates, tamarind and spices in my coffee makes me shudder.

But somewhere inside me, the curious six year old still wants to try it. I’m staggering between disgust and temptation. Guess which side will win.


4 responses to “With brown sauce

  1. where did you get this idea of brown sauce and baked beans? im guessing from some one who is well formed with british cuisine.

  2. hahaha its a classic meal here i will do my best to bring sum when im next in BXL. Gos betta with what we call a full english, which is
    1. Lots of Bacon
    2. Fried Egg
    3. Sausges
    4. Toast
    5. Beans
    6. Fried tomoatoes

    And as the perfect ending a cup of hot tea. That is food at its best.

  3. And the tea with some milk! I love English breakfast.
    Any chance you’re coming back to the continent sometime soon? I’m hungry!

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