Les plaisirs de tous les jours

I don’t know how other people deal with this thing concept called time. Mine flies too fast for my taste. I don’t want this year to pass in the same frenzy as the last. The year has hardly started, the first week is already over, the second loaded and the third quickly approaching and… Life is too short, and to valuable, to let it slip away like this. Therefore, the resolution (hoho) to keep the eyes and ears open and see if I cannot find a special moment in each day.

Looking back, there was so far:

1. January – The walk in the snow in the park and the dinner in a pizzeria with a good friend

2. Jan. – The interesting conversation with a guy from the TÜV (MOT). Learned quite a lot.

3. Jan. – A very relaxing day at home.

4. Jan. – Spanish class cancelled. After an initial regret, the joy of having a short first day back at work.

5. Jan. – The invitation to a birthday party from someone I hardly know.

6. Jan. – Watching a beautiful sunrise over a white foggy winter landscape from the train. And, the funny conversation with my seat neighbour on the way back.

7. Jan. – Going swimming. I love water.

8. Jan. – …

9. Jan. – The birthday party.

10. Jan. – Dinner with friends – Lots of cheese on pasta always works for me.

11. Jan. – Spanish class!!

12. Jan. – First face-to-face discussion with someone I’ve been working with for 2 years. Thanks to the webcam inventors!

13. Jan. – …

14. Jan. – Swimming again. The pool in Etterbeck is definitely more modern than the VUB one; just way too crowded.

15. Jan. – First Bloody Marie in my lifetime. Like it.


4 responses to “Les plaisirs de tous les jours

  1. Are you going to keep this up as a running commentary? I like it 🙂

  2. That’s the plan: Collecting over 15 days or a month the moments of the day that make me smile or feel good and put them as bulk online. I’m just afraid that it gets a bit repetitive.

  3. Wait! It’s already a new year???

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