Nationaler Notstand à la belge

or as the BBC titles: Beer-loving Belgians could see taps run dry.

Panic is not hitting Belgium yet but this crisis has more potential than the months long absence of a government.

Oh, wait, it turns out that only Stella Artois* and Leffe are concerned – 2 out of a zillion Belgian beers. This means tonight I will have to have a Duvel, or an Orval, or a Kwak, or a Chimey, or or or… Life is hard.

* Stella Artois is brewed with sweet corn… By German standards, that is NOT beer!

4 responses to “Nationaler Notstand à la belge

  1. hahahahahahhaa by german standards, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA


  2. My fault. I wasn’t clear enough. We’re talking about the German purity law from 1516 –

    Nothing a British will understand – after all, you don’t even have ID cards – but every beer drinker in the world will.

  3. lol if are going to talk about beer, TRUST ME WE REALLY HOPE STELLA IS NOT HIT TO HARD, to be frank most of us brits dont care for the purity or taste so much, wot we like is the alchole % and many of us more so since around 2000 like the large varitey of beers, the other day i had mango beer and sum white beer. years b4 we did not hae this, i just love the fact u se the words: By German standards, classic. KEEP UP THE GERMAN PRIDE 🙂

  4. 😀 I will. It is about taste AND alcohol; I shouldn’t have to tell you this. In this sense: Mango beer doesn’t count either!

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