The Belgian Lion

is a strange species. It is too cold for lions to exist naturally, and the drawn up Leo Belgicus not only did not feature what is known as Belgium today but was pretty soon split in two.

But if you ever come to visit the Palais de Justice this megalomaniac monster building, then have a look at the winged lion statues which are alike to those in Venice. I have no idea how all of this fits together mais c’est pas grave.


4 responses to “The Belgian Lion

  1. i find it very odd nations who use animals that do not even live their, example in the uk we have had the lion and sum other mithacal latin animals on our passport, U.S.A the eagle, the eagle lives in the country, russia the bear cuz it lives their, india the elelephant makes all sense right. I think its mainly european countries who have this odd aragance to think they are all lions for sum odd reason. in the uk we should change it to sumthing like the badger nice animal

  2. I totally agree with you. I think the UK should take a Corgi as it’s national animal 😛

  3. i prefer cats to dogs my self, my cleaver animals

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