9 9 9

9 topics published 9 days before the end of 2009*

Smell – The first day that smells like spring, or summer, or autumn or winter. Most people don’t believe me but there is always this one day when the smell in the air announces that the season has changed.

Taste – Of success; a deserved one on top of it.

Sound – Silence. No longer any colleagues putting on elevator music in the office.

Pride – “Do every day one thing that scares you” – Standing up for what I believe is the right thing to do.

Record – Lowest amount of books ever read in a year. It’s all the fault of the West Wing…

Shock – OMG, this year can’t be over already. It barely started yesterday. Alternatively: No way that I did all that stuff in less than a year.

City – Barcelona!! Beautiful city, lovely atmosphere, good weather and a beach. Unbeatable.

People – All those who were there for me when I needed them: friends, family, colleagues and the perfect stranger in the street.

Project – Challenged, fascinated and persistently working on it. One year is not enough…

* Idea stolen from Quoi de 9 Cécile.


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