Announcement on the train – being 2 and a half hours late due to that bit of snow that dared touching the ground – arriving into Paris: “Nous arrivons à Paris, Gare d’Austerlitz. Nous sommes bien conscients de notre retard mais avec des conditionnes pareilles, vous pouvez être contents d’être arrivé tout court.”*

* We are arriving in Paris, Gare d’Austerlitz. We are aware of the delay but with the weather conditions, you can be happy to have arrived at all.


3 responses to “Culot

  1. haha, yeah, the French are not used to a real winter. Traffic is a mess with that -3 degrees and 2 cm of snow in Paris. Every French should do an internship in Munich for one winter (currently -15 degrees).

    You are in Paris?

  2. That’s just so…French. Or Belgian too, actually.

  3. @ Uli: Let’s see how it goes in Germany on Monday. I was just en passage. BTW: It’s currently -10 here in BXL.

    @Lilacspecs: To be honest, I made this one up after they did not apologise on the French railway yesterday. On the Thalys to Brussels, they actually did but it’s often the attitude that makes me think they’d rather say the one above 😉

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