Surprising logic

Tonight on the train from Amsterdam to Brussels somewhere around Dordrecht after getting slower and slower: “We have a problem with the train engine and will stop in the next station to reboot it”.

I think that the conducter was only giving it a shot because it would have been a hell of a hassle to get a replacing train or alike but after all; why should something that works for 8 out of 10 IT problems not work for a locomotive… And it kind of did, arriving in BXL only 25 minutes late.


2 responses to “Surprising logic

  1. At least you can understand the announcements. The only word I can usually pick out is “problem”, then I have to watch the expression on the faces of the other passengers to figure out the time delay.

    Glad to know that “turn it off and turn it on again” works in so many situations.

  2. This time, the announcement was in Dutch and English; probably because it was the Amsterdam-BXL train.

    Turn off, turn on again; is my standard solution if something doesn’t work, occasionally combined with a few gentle slaps on the technical device malfunctioning. After all, a train engine is the same, only x times bigger…

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